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I'm so far behind...

...on my journal entries! Briefly, so I can have a list of what I want to write about, is what I want to still write about:

= Moving into this apartment (there are several sub-topics to this one)
--- getting the container from LA
--- the movers who brought all our stuff(one of them told Chris that I was beautiful! LOL)
--- getting the cats from the airport (long day!)
--- pictures of the apartment and our view!
= the day they got their haircuts
= going to City Hall the day before Korean Independence Day
= taking the girls to Children's Grand Park (Maya fed an elephant and rode on a camel!) that it? Well, those are the big events I want to write about. I need to do it because I'm sure that I've totally forgotten small details already. Oh well, I do have pictures though, maybe those will jog my memory when I actually write about these things.
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