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Mommy is happy!

Finally, this weekend, we made it a point to get the girls' hair cut. It was getting too long, too hard to comb out, too painful for them....and I was just getting tired of the care it took to get the tangles out everyday. Skip one day, like on a lazy weekend, and the next day was much too painful for everyone. Plus, Nadia had a meeting with scissors at of her classmates decided that she was going to make Nadia "pretty" by giving her a hair cut. *sigh*

Anyway, both girls love their hair cut and so do I!!

Nadia was excited Nadia was excited
Maya wasn't sure about cutting it off... Maya wasn't sure about cutting it off...
Cutie! Cutie!
She ended up loving it! She ended up loving it!

Tags: hair, maya, nadia
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