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Christmas pics! Finally!

This year I didn't get into the mood at all. I was totally the grinch. I forgot about my resolution from last year (see my post from December 24, 2006 ), and my usual "oh, all the cool holiday traditions that we used to do in the US" depression took over. *sigh* But, I managed to pull it together for the big day. Chris and I focused on the girls, of course. But we got each other a few small things...

I got a Nikon D40 Digital SLR. *squee*

It's amazing. Seriously. Highly recommend it. I have barely scratched the surface of all its features, but I'm already taking pictures 10x more amazing than before. I got it before Christmas, so all the pics below were taken with this camera. Look at the Poinsettia Fairy pic below - the detail is amazing, and I took it without flash. Also, the close ups of the girls - wow.

I think I say "I love this camera" at least once or twice a day.

I really love this camera!

And now...Christmas Pics!

Night before Christmas! Night before Christmas!
We're ready!
Poinsettia Fairy Poinsettia Fairy
Yes, one of the Hallmark ones. :-)
Santa was HERE! Santa was HERE!

And here are the rest! Don't forget to check out page 2 also!
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