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First day of school!

Well, I'm back from taking Maya to her first day of kindergarten. KINDERGARTEN! *sigh* Big girl.

She was up right at 7am and first thing she did was come over to our bed and say, "I'm so excited about today! I'm going to get dressed now, ok?" LOL Had to tell her to go to the bathroom first. :-) So, she got dressed and was ready before Chris and I even got out of bed. Chris took his shower while I nursed Nadia (she seems better today, hope we're at the end of her sickness). Then while I took a shower, Chris got Maya's lunch and snack ready. The girls had breakfast together. Then we were ready to go - but it was only 8am! School starts at 9am (doors open at 8:50am). So, we hung out for about 10 more minutes when Chris got a call from the school saying that the bus will be here in 5 minutes to pick Maya up. Well, we wanted to take her to school for her first day, but the bus came anyway. We were walking down the hill to get a taxi when we saw the bus. It stopped for us, and they were running alittle late, so they didn't quite understand that we wanted to take her ourselves today. Tried to hurry her on the bus! Anyway, finally got the bus monitor to understand and they left. We caught a taxi and got to the school at 8:30am. Still early, but the doors were open and there were kids and parents waiting on the playground. Maya and Nadia played for a while until they called us in.

Maya got placed in the Dragon classroom. She was excited about that because the Dragon they used to designate her class was MuShu from Mulan! Pretty cool. So, we went in and found her classroom. There are 13 kids in her class and two teachers. Great ratio! Her teacher is Miss Mac (short for McDonnell) and the other teacher is Miss Flores. The class seemed very balanced between girls and boys. Maya seemed to be one of the older kids.

We explored the classroom. Maya found some horses, of course! Then she sat down and did some stencils - of horses, of course. I was the last mom to leave. Maya wanted me to stay until Miss Mac told me to leave. About 9:30, she was going to start the class, so I got ready to leave. Maya was sad and a little scared. I told her to let Miss Mac know that she is sad and that she will help her feel better. That's her job. So, I left. That's when Nadia threw her tantrum. *sigh* She did not want to leave that cool room! As I was herding Nadia out of the school, I heard Maya go to her teacher and say, "I'm sad." She started to talk to Maya and I left the room. I looked in the one-way window a little bit and saw that she was sitting on the circle time rug, listening. I think that Maya will be fine.

Here are some pictures from this morning:
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