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This just figures...

It is a beautiful day. Saturday, Chris is at home with us, we have GoPets press events that we could go to, but we can't go anywhere because Nadia is not feeling well. She is getting two more teeth, from what I can tell. She has had a slight temperature since yesterday. She seemed to be ok in the morning, so we thought that maybe after her nap, we might go out for just a little bit. Grab an early dinner in Myeong-dong, where the GP marketing event will be from 6pm to 8pm. Maybe stay there for the event until about 7pm and then head home. Well, not going to happen. Nadia woke up and is just miserable. No fever, but so tired and just wants to nurse all the time. Like right now, I'm typing on my laptop while she's nursing. Not comfortable. Poor baby. But why couldn't she have gotten sick during the week when we were home anyway? I really wanted to go out today. Anywhere. To the event. To one of the local palaces (we've been waiting for nicer weather to visit these).

Oh well. I just hope she feels better tomorrow.
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