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Ok, once again, I am amazed at the health care system here. Yesterday, Maya had a high fever and cough. She was peaking between 102F and 103F. We were at a friend's house and I didn't have the health insurance card with us...or even the girls' Korean id cards. But we had to take her to the doctor. So, we went to our friends' kids' doctor.

No insurance, not a regular patient, and the doctor's visit cost a whopping $14.


And the medicines...there were five types - one for fever/headache, even though I have Tylenol, two antibiotics (she has tonsillitis and bronchitis!), one for her cough, and one for her stomach aches...all five together, again with no insurance, cost by $17.

Definitely doing something right here...

BTW, Maya had a good night's sleep and no fever today. She has all her energy back and is doing fine. :-)
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