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My schmoopies!
Just got off the phone with Maya. She has an idea for a book she wants to write, publish, and sell!


It's about a white tiger who has a family of all orange tigers. The white tiger leaves her family of orange tigers to search for a new family that looks like her. She's going to write it with Nadia...they are fleshing out more details of the story today. *beams*

She said she has lots of ideas for stories, and she is getting Nana to help her write them all down so she doesn't forget her ideas.

This is one hobby/interest I could definitely get behind and totally encourage!

Nadia is going to draw a picture for me of her white tiger that she got at the Aquarium in Houston. Her tiger is named Snowball. *giggle*

Man, I miss them so much. Less than 7 days to go!

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zcatzmeow From: zcatzmeow Date: September 7th, 2007 08:03 pm (UTC) (Link)
Soooo cute! Too bad I just finished writing that book.

*gigglefit* Okay, j/k. What a creative little girl you have there!
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