A retrospective on Mother's Days and Chris' birthdays 2000-2006 - A Movement In Time And Space
Moving through time and space in our own way
A retrospective on Mother's Days and Chris' birthdays 2000-2006
Over the years, Chris' birthday and Mother's day sometimes would fall on the same weekend, sometimes even on the same day, as it did this year. I got all nostalgic while looking through old pictures...

May 14, 2000 May 14, 2000
Erik meets Maya for the first time
May 13, 2001 May 13, 2001
At the zoo with our friends Michael and Nikolai
May 12, 2002 May 12, 2002
Hanging out in the backyard
May 16, 2003 May 16, 2003
One of my favorite pictures...and I don't have a pic taken on Mother's Day or Chris' birthday!
May 13, 2004 May 13, 2004
Nadia is here!
May 14, 2005 May 14, 2005
Even back then, they were hard core!
May 14, 2006 May 14, 2006
My schmoopies

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