October 4th, 2009

Pink fairy


  • 18:30 Fight on, USC Trojans! *#$& the bears!
  • 18:34 Trivia ?: who was the last team to win the outright Pac 10 title other than USC? Answer: who cares?
  • 19:05 RT @woohit42: @Socaltrojan Me 3!! SHUTOUT! SHUTOUT! SHUTOUT! Fight On!! #USC
  • 19:32 @Surabufix who is your team? Oregon State?
  • 19:37 Maya at a sleepover and Chris just took Nadia to see "Cloudy w/ chance of meatballs" leaving me to watch USC game in peace. Thank you Chris!
  • 19:51 Going on 4th and 9???? WTF USC?
  • 19:53 @USCFootballNews definitely a huge difference that they didn't play in the Wash game
  • 20:02 Damn I hate that Cal fight song... #USC
  • 20:06 Still, good job #USC defense preventing Cal from turning that INT into 7 points.
  • 20:11 @Jdphil07 Stefon Johnson @stefon13 I think
  • 20:15 @Jdphil07 oops it's @stafon13
  • 20:28 #USC wins over Cal, 30-3! So awesome that you can hear @usctmb so clearly at the away games! Fight on, Trojans!
  • 20:37 Gonna root for #4 #LSU against #1 #Florida next week!