May 22nd, 2009

Pink fairy


  • 11:45 @AdventureClubLA Thanks for passing on the twitter for @HollywoodBowl - follower #4 here!
  • 15:49 Heard on NPR: it's good to be open minded, but not so much so your brains fall out.
  • 16:26 Thanks @CNIKids for passing this on:
  • 16:31 RT @cbscribe: Follow Robits World at
    New game Chris is working on. :-D
  • 16:33 @meowmeowbutt that game wouldn't load for me :-(
  • 17:26 @cbscribe That's only if the open-minded person is also a non-thinker. There IS a difference. :-P
  • 17:28 I've had enough of people with over-blown egos today...
  • 17:29 @cbscribe but yes, you're right, that is a danger...
  • 17:30 @cbscribe hahahaha! Thanks I really needed that laugh. 
  • 17:50 @meowmeowbutt oh maybe it doesn't work on my iPhone...I'll check it at home.
  • 18:19 @meowmeowbutt did you try searching twitter for #piss ? LOL Do eeeeeeeeeet!
  • 18:30 Costco is planning to test the Korean bulgogi bake at their food courts in the US!