September 6th, 2006

Bolafur & Boobala, GoPets

GoPets hits Austin!

Hey y'all! :-p

We've made it to the Austin Game Conference. The booth looks great, I have to take a couple of pictures to post here. The graphics look so bright and really pop.

My badge says Priya Bradfield, PR Manager. :-) I've already talked to some press guys who seemed interested in helping us do a GoPets magazine at some point in the near future.

I've gone to a few roundtables and talks about PR and managing communities and emotions in games. The emotions in games one was really cool - the speaker came to Seoul before we left for the US and talked to Maya about playing WoW. She even used a couple of pictures of Maya and Nadia in her presentation! I am so proud of my little gamers. heehee!

Ok, the guys are waiting for me to go to dinner and a VIP party. Erik and Paul just got here, so I gotta go.