May 17th, 2006

Pink fairy

Please, someone send help

Maya likes the Israeli woman's daughter...they play well together. Which is nice. But Maya asked, in front of them, "When are we going to have them over to our house? We went to their house, and now it is our turn, Mommy!"


So yeah, I had to invite them and today's the day. After their art class, the Israeli woman and her daughter and her son (who is a destruction machine - my poor house!) are coming over for a playdate.

I am not looking forward to this. But at least the house will be clean.

Ugh, ugh, ugh!

A stay of execution!!

Israeli woman just called to cancel today's playdate. Her son is sick. While I'm sorry to hear that he is sick (and she sounded SO tired), I'm relieved that they aren't coming over today. Maya will be sad though. :-(

I am happy also to report that I did a lot of cleaning this morning...even unpacked a box that has been sitting in my office for a few months now. LOL

P-day (Playdate day) is now next Wednesday.

Rambling and some GREAT news!

Ok, first off, I know I sound really mean about the Israeli woman, but something about her just rubs me the wrong way. It did occur to me that maybe she feels the same way about me and is equally happy to postpone. LOL

Maya didn't even remember about the playdate, so that was something I didn't have to deal with. However, the little girl jabbed my heart when we got home. She walked in to the house and said, "WHOA! It is so clean!" I said, "Why are you so surprised?", to which she said, "Well, usually, it isn't."

Girl needs a good talkin' to...

Got some really GREAT news today. After hearing about the British school not moving this year, I've started to worry about Maya getting in for next year. Today I called the school to get an update on what is least some idea of when we'll hear. Last week, I was told that letters will start going out this week. But then that was before the announcement that the school isn't moving this year to the new campus. So, I called and the admissions officer knew who I was immediately. She also said that letters will be going out soon but that Maya has been officially accepted!!!


I'm so relieved. Man, I really hate this whole thing...never thought that I'd be stressing out over private school admissions for her so early in life! I also hate that her two friends from her class who also applied are on the waiting list. They are further down the priority list because they are Korean. I think that the kids are US passport holders, but because one parent is a Korean citizen, that bumps them down. I hope at least one of them gets in.

One more thing...this evening at dinner, Maya lost her second tooth! Now her two bottom front teeth are gone.