March 28th, 2006

Pink fairy

An actual entry!

But still random stuff. :-)

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Forgot to write about last Wednesday. Met Chris and Jang Suk, a woman who works at GoPets, in Myeongdong for dinner. They were out that way to take Chris' laptop to the repair shop. Suk does a lot of things for us personally, like take Chris to the bank to transfer money and pay bills. She took Chris to the repair shop to drop off the laptop. She helped me pay Maya's application fee to the British School and fax stuff to them. She's now getting our Korean visas renewed so we can stay in the country (damn!). So, Chris decided to treat her to a dinner at Din Tai Fung (dimsum) and the girls and I met them there.

Maya loves this place. One of her favorite dishes is the garlic spinach. I'm shocked at this, but she (and Nadia) loves this. We ordered a plate of this and she ate almost the whole thing by herself. But the amazing part was HOW she ate it:

Yup, those are REAL chopsticks she's using there! Not the kid ones or the practice ones. I don't know how or when, but she just picked them up and started using them! More pics from dinner that night. Just another thing that Maya has picked up from being here in Seoul.

And more sleeping kid pics!

I got new earrings on Sunday too. Dangly ones. Which feels really weird cause I haven't worn dangly earrings in years and now everytime I move, the earrings do too. Kind of like when you have really long hair and then you cut it really short and you don't feel the hair move when you move your head...

Must buy more earrings next time I'm out. :-D

The other night, I was bubbly, but then I fell asleep. Sorry Chris! :-p

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