January 25th, 2006


Voice Post:

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“Mommy: Hey Nadia, can you tell me a story?

Nadia: Yeah.

Mommy: Ok. Tell me a story.

Nadia: Ok. One upom a tine there a wittle name...

Mommy: What?

Nadia: ...Maya...

Mommy: Uh huh...

Nadia: He so tired and not go bed the end!

Mommy: Ok, how about a story about jumping?

Nadia: OK!

Mommy: Ok.

Nadia: One upom a tine there a wittle name bumping he so tired he not go bed the end.

Mommy: What about a story about your patato (pacifier)?

Nadia: My patato...

Mommy: Yeah.

Nadia: gets away. The end.

Mommy: What?

Nadia: My patato get away!

Mommy: Get away?

Nadia: Yeah.

Mommy: Oh, and that's it?

Nadia: Yeah.

Mommy: Ok. The End. Say Buh-bye!

Nadia: Buh-bye!”

Transcribed by: priyabradfield

Another one year anniversary...

January 25, 2005: The day I got my first tattoo.

Here I am, last year, right after I got it done.

Different hair style, different glasses, almost a different person.

I ♥ my tattoo. It was a surprise for Chris. He was here in Seoul, I was dealing with the shock of having to move here. I'd always wanted a tattoo, since I was in college. One of my best friends, Cathy, and I were supposed to get them together on our 25th birthdays. But we didn't. We both sort of chickened out. But I kept talking about it and Chris would say, "yeah, whatever." He didn't believe that I would ever get one.

But something pushed me into finally doing it. Like a last hurrah, I suppose. I got my MIL to watch the kids that afternoon and my friend, Melissa, took me to "Art to the Bone" on Ventura Boulevard. I had a small inkling of what I wanted - something with the OM symbol. Then I thought about flowers. Maybe I'd get a sunflower instead. I looked through the design books, but nothing caught my attention. Until I looked up at the wall and there was a picture of Lakshmi, Hindu Goddess of Wealth. The artist had done a HUGE tattoo of her on someone's back. I loved it, but yeah, not getting my whole back done. One of the symbols of her is the Lotus Flower (actually, it is a sacred flower in general in Hinduism, not just a symbol of Lakshmi). But he didn't have any cool pics of a lotus flower. So, he sketched one from scratch for me with the OM symbol! It was awesome. Mine, all mine!!

He made a copy of it, reducing it a little bit (he made it HUGE at first), and then he copied it onto my shoulder. I took a deep breath and said, OK! Melissa was ecstatic - neither of thought I'd actually do it right then and there. But the design was just so beautiful and I didn't know when I'd have another chance - kids taken care of, Melissa free to go with me, Chris out of town so I could surprise him. It wasn't too painful, but there were a few long lines, so I had to use my breathing exercises from child birth a few times!

Anyway, I surprised Chris with it when he got home. He really liked it. That was a fun surprise to unwrap. ;-) I want him to get one too, but again, finding a cool design is an issue. Our friends, sammykate and her husband, Shane, got a couple new ones (Shane's first!) recently and posted pics on her blog. So cool. I want another one...but I don't know of what. I need Luis to draw up another one-of-a-kind sketch just for me. LOL

I'm so happy I did it. Next time, I'm going to get one somewhere it can be shown off a lot more.