January 13th, 2006

Pink fairy

Let's go fly a kite, up to the highest height!

This sounds like it would be so much fun to go with Chris and the girls:
Flyer for Gujarat Kite Festival

Here are a few pics from their festival last year:

Apparently, Saturday January 14th is Traditional Kite Flying day in Gujarat (a state in India) and people all over the state will be flying kites. How cool.

Maya is making a kite in her art class. Yesterday, a few of the students took theirs home, but Maya is very detail-oriented in her art and still working on the picture she is painting on her kite. I have to say, it is pretty amazing. She has some real talent. I can't wait until it is done - the art teacher strings it up and everything for the kids so that the kites are ready to fly. I have to remember to take dozens of pictures of that kite though, in case it gets stuck in a tree or something when we fly it. LOL

Another small victory...

I just order pizza for delivery. All by myself. Hopefully they will get my order right, but I just ordered one of the regular combination pizzas. No side dishes, no drinks. Just the pizza.

I'm ready to cry with the happiness I feel at this small success.

I can once again order pizza on a Friday night.

I'm going to enjoy sinking my teeth into that pizza in about 30 minutes.