January 9th, 2006

Dear diary

Progress report!

Ok, not about my office, I promise.

I just finished my first full week of entries into my paper journal, which I started because of embodiment. Did my January 8th entry just now.

So, roll call to all of you who are in that community! How many of you have done your first week of entries in your traditional journal?

Don't be shy if you haven't kept up. I am keeping up because I take my journal with me everywhere - it is small enough to go into my purse. Plus, I'm just doing short entries - mainly just words or incomplete sentences about my day and my feelings. It's easier that way, rather than trying to keep a full account of each day.

That's what this journal is for. *grin*

Ok, who is first? I know there are a bunch of you who signed up...
Dear diary

I need to learn this...

When we were young, the 'tall' ones told us when to slow down. When the demands of the world became too great, their powers of reasoning proved maddeningly accurate. 'I think someone's tired,' they observed. And off for a nap we went. Ten minutes later, our dreaming faces had put us back in good favor with our exasperated parents. When we woke, the world somehow made sense again. What kind of truth might a napping child impart to us?

Now we are the tall ones, living in a complicated world with no one to tell us when to slow down. The slumbering little one knows the value of not having the last word, of accepting a minor defeat. It's so simple. Miss out on something. Put yourself back in your own good favor. The world will wait.

~David Jacoby

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