December 8th, 2005


Another potty quote by Nadia

Nadia: *Running to me* "Mommy, I did poo-poo!" *stops in front of me, turns around and bends over*

Me: "Did you do poo-poo?" *pick her up, takes her to the bed and lays her down to change her*

Nadia: "Yes, Mommy. See?" *lifts her legs high in the air*

Me: "Nadia, you should tell me and do poo-poo in the potty!"

Nadia: *thinking face* "Poo-poo in the potty??"

Me: "Yes, in the potty."

Nadia: "In the potty! A-ha-ha-ha-ha!" *hand over her mouth, laughs as though pooping in the potty is the most ridiculous thought in the world*

Me: *sigh*

Child has a sense of humor. Great.