August 18th, 2005


To Do List...

Ok, so I'm fiddling around with my LiveJournal and decide to use the "To Do List". But, I can't figure out how to display it on my LJ. Any LJ experts out there who know how to do this?
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Priya and the kids

Long day...

Amazing how a few extra hours of awake time made the day feel sooooooooo long! Nadia woke up at 6am today. She usually gets up at that time to nurse and then goes back to sleep for at least another hour. But not today. Daddy's absence in the bed made her want to get up and look for him. What's so great about Daddy anyway? :-)

Anyway, so each time I looked at the clock, I was a little shocked at how late it felt but how early it actually was. Like at 9am. Felt like it should have been 11am already. And the girls were hungry for lunch at 11am, which felt like 1pm. Luckily, Nadia took a little bit longer nap in the afternoon, so the rest of the day went by fine.

I got a cut on my finger today from a metal can. Was opening some tuna to make sandwiches and sliced my finger. It is actually very small, almost like a paper cut. Hurts like one! This is why I stay out of the kitchen as much as possible! ;-)

Speaking of cooking, I actually cooked a real dinner tonight. Made some chicken and potato curry and used my new rice cooker to make rice. The girls and I all sat down together to eat. It was nice. Had them fed and the kitchen all cleaned up by 7:30pm. Felt like I did an amazing thing, instead of just a regular mom chore. LOL

Ok, gotta go and put the kids to bed now. I'm ready to have some peace and quiet!
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