May 27th, 2005


He's on his way!!

YAY! Chris is on his way home now. As I am writing this, I imagine that he is at the City Air Terminal at COEX and getting checked in. It is about noon on Saturday, May 28th, there. His flight is at 3pm on Saturday and he will arrive here at LAX at 10am on Saturday. LOL

The girls are so excited to see Daddy tomorrow. Even little Nadia (who is now 19 1/2 months old) keeps saying "Dada, bye-bye" and when I ask her if she wants to see him tomorrow, she gives me the biggest smile and nods her head vigorously. Chris is going to be so shocked at how much she has grown. And Maya today said, "We haven't seen Daddy in 100 days!". I actually counted and it has been 40, but I totally agree with her sentiment!
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Saddle Ranch Chop House

Ok, so I told you all that I was going out last Saturday night with my girlfriends. So, we did and I had a blast. Here are some pics:

We went to Saddle Ranch at Universal City Walk. It is a western-style bar and restaurant. If any of you watch Desparate Housewives, the episode where Susan rides a mechanical bull was filmed at this restaurant. Anyway, we all met at my house around 7:30pm. Started out with some drinks here and we headed out about 8:30pm. Got there at 9pm and order drinks and appetizers. The specialty drinks there are big, so I started out with a Midori sour. YUM! My favorite drink. Had two of those, in between eating the huge appetizer plates we had ordered. Then Sam and I ordered a specialty drink...I can't remember what it was called, but it wasn't as good as the Midori sour. Anyway, so we hang out and talk and watch people ride the bull. Antoinette gets some drinks, as we were also celebrating her 21st birthday. There was a bull-riding contest, but none of us enter it. Afterwards, though, we all ride the bull (except for Angela because she's pregnant). I don't have any still shots of me riding the bull because I had Sheryl take video of it with my camera. LOL Not a pretty sight! At about midnight, Sheri, Antoinette, Angela and Sheryl leave. Me, Lauren, Lisa and Sam stay to go dancing. We actually end up on the stage area dancing and sweating a few pounds off, it was so packed and hot! We finally leave and end up at home by about 2am. Lauren and Sam stay at my house and we stay up talking until about 3 or 3:30am. I'm glad that the kids were at my inlaws for the night! I had a great time with all my friends. I am going to miss them all so much...
Pink fairy


Ok, I knew this would turn out like this, but I had to test it for sure.

I took it and I'm Lynette:

"You gave up a great job for this? No one really appreciates you, and yet you slog on, with very little sleep and very little thanks. Who can blame you when you occasionally lose it? Hang in there. Just lay off the Ritalin."

That's pretty funny. I was thinking I might be a Susan, but well, I'm not that ditzy. And I'm definitely no Bree, Gabi or Edie. LMAO

UPDATE: Ok, I took it again. Didn't realize that there are different random questions. Well, this time I was Gabi! What the...???

"You could say that Life's just about pretty dresses and expensive gifts to you, but you're looking for something more. You'll find it someday, as long as you stay out of trouble. And away from hot young gardeners."

LOL! If only my gardener was young and hot...
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