May 21st, 2005

Pink fairy

4 boxes

In exactly a month, we'll be moving to Seoul. Might seem like a long time, seeing as how it has only been a month since we left there and it feels like forever, but it is going to fly, I know it. And all I've done in the almost two weeks I've been back in North Hollywood is pack 4 boxes. Although I did have a good excuse this past week: the girls have both been sick. Tuesday I got the boxes and that's when Maya came down with hand, foot and mouth disease. And now Nadia has it too. I got one box packed between Tuesday and Thursday and yesterday (Friday) I got three done since my MIL took the kids for the afternoon. I also went through a whole bunch of junk and trashed it and shredded a bunch of papers and old bills. My attitude really picked up after that. Amazing how much a little time away from the kids really recharges me. Sounds awful, but it is so true.

And tonight, I get to have some fun! Going out with some girlfriends to a bar/restaurant called Saddleback Ranch at Universal City. We went there in February before I left for Seoul the first time. I rode a mechanical bull there! It was pretty fun.

Anyway, we're heading back over there tonight. My inlaws are watching the kids all night. YAY! I think that some of the girls will be crashing here afterwards. I can't wait.

Talked to Chris this morning. He told me that he found a good Pho restaurant near the apartment in Seoul. I miss him so much, even though I get angry at him for all this. Still have issues with anger and loss of control, but I still manage to feel a sense of joy when I hear his voice. Guess that's love, huh?
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