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So, my friend is out of her house, but yes, she is fighting. Got a lawyer, and trying to undo the damage. But who knows how long that will take. Thankfully, she has family and friends nearby who are helping. I'll keep everyone posted as I can. Thanks and just keep her in your thoughts and prayers.

Things at work are up one day and down the other, but overall fine and just darn busy. Even on my day "off" I'm at it. But when it is down time and the girls are with me, I try not to even open email unless the subject is urgent. Got to keep the focus on them when I am with them. There are times when I think of them at work or look at their pictures and just miss them so intensely that I start to tear up. The other day, I was looking at a picture of Maya when she was around 3 years old and just cried from the thought of missing those years with Nadia. On the other hand, I am much happier with myself as a person in general, so just have to keep reminding myself that being fulfilled is good for them as well.

Speaking of the girls, take a look at these pictures I took of them over the weekend:

Holy cow, they look so...big! Maya is grown up. Actually, I'm quite excited about this...she and I are beginning to talk more big girl stuff. Like the other day, she was telling me that she doesn't want to go to Taekwondo because the new teacher is mean. She had taken a break due to our trip to the US in March and during that time, they got a new teacher. She started back up last week and after her first class back, she said this. I asked her what happened and she said nothing, that the new teacher wasn't there that day but that she *heard* that he was really mean. We talked a bit about rumors and how you shouldn't listen to other people when they gossip about people...and how would she like it if people were talking about her and someone decided to not be her friend because someone else said she was mean. She got that, and gave Taekwondo a try - and guess what? She likes the teacher and wants to keep going.

for Mommy!

Anyway, talks like that and her continued ability to KICK ass in WoW has got me all puffed up with pride like a Mommy bird!

More soon....must blog about my birthday week and presents galore! Quidam was AWESOME!
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