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Pictures from beginning of February!

Picture post! At Maya's school, once a month they have a party for all the kids who have a birthday that month. Maya and her friend, Kiishi, were the February kids. They are just one day apart, Maya being February 8th and Kiishi being February 7th. They were too excited to have their birthdays so close together. Kiishi's mom and I collaborated on the cake, drinks, snacks, was nice. Also, when I asked her to choose, she chose to have a party in the US with her friends there instead of another one here at our house. Anyway, here are some pics from the party at school.
Yummy cake! Yummy cake!
Maya is radiant Maya is radiant
Maya and Kiishi Maya and Kiishi
The one picture with Mommy The one picture with Mommy
Class being silly! Class being silly!
Even more silliness! Even more silliness!
Miss Sim, Maya, Miss Hong Miss Sim, Maya, Miss Hong
The birthday girls! The birthday girls!
Miss Hong, Maya, Miss Sim Miss Hong, Maya, Miss Sim
Miss Sim being silly! Miss Sim being silly!
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