Priya Bradfield (priyabradfield) wrote,
Priya Bradfield

Happy birthday baby

She's SEVEN! Sometimes, I wonder how we survived...and then I wonder where the time went. Seven...that's it? She seems so grown mature...and then other times, she's still a baby, still innocent. I want her to stay that way...protected, just playing or complaining about 3 pages of homework. But I want her to be strong, sure of herself...don't let anyone hurt you, baby. Know what you want and go after it! Always take care of yourself and your sister. Dance with Daddy...share your thoughts with me! (LOL) Remember what little I've taught you about your heritage - I need to teach you more! Laugh all the time like your Preeti Chitti. Never forget that no matter what, Daddy and I will always love you. Period, end of story. ALWAYS.

Happy girl! Happy girl!
Two sisters, two best friends. Two sisters, two best friends.
That's my girl! That's my girl!
Maya is the best big sister ever! Maya is the best big sister ever!

Happy Birthday to the best Maya ever. To my my favorite Maya. I love you more than the whole outer space...and that's even bigger than a planet! Happy Birthday, Sweetheart.
Tags: birthdays, maya
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