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Holiday shows

Pictures up from the girls school shows!

Maya's school had the traditional story of Jesus' birth in the manger. Kindergarten to 2nd grade did this together. Maya was a sheep in the play. She never complained about the part until she saw the costume she had to wear:

She didn't like the head of the costume

Apparently, one of the other sheep, Caden, complained from the day she was assigned the part because the girls who were assigned angel parts were bragging about it. :-/ She had no speaking parts, and we were a bit far in the audience for me to get any good video.

Nadia's school show was a concert. Each class had a different songs they sang. A video posted earlier was of one of the songs they sang. The other was "I saw Mommy kissing Santa Claus". SO CUTE! Unfortunately the video I have of the actual concert is bigger than what YouTube will allow me to upload. :-(

So, instead, PICS!

Maya's YISS Story of Christmas

Nadia's Franciscan School Christmas Concert

And once more for good measure:

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