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We're moved in. We finally have a permanent apartment, all our stuff from the other apartment is here. Our container with all of our stuff from LA should be here over the weekend. We're settling in and our place is really nice. We got the bigger place, as I said before, the one with four bedrooms and two bathrooms. And the gorgeous view. Oh yeah and the high rent! It really is a nice place. It is nice to look out at the views, looking down on the city and over the river and bridges. At all those people, none of whom I know. *sigh* I'm in that mood again, that mood that comes over me after long days of trying to entertain the kids, unpacking, cleaning and somehow not doing any of that well. That mood that says, "Why am I here? Oh yeah, to support my husband in his career." That, "what about me?" mood. UGH I hate that mood...

Erik came over the other day to drop off Chris and help him bring over some of our last remaining things from the other place. Yeah, this is a step up from the Poee-dong place, definitely. No 5 flights of stairs, that's for sure! We're on the 17th floor and we have a fast elevator! He looked at me and asked me if this makes me happy. Sure, it is a great place. Luxury apartment, I guess, by Korean standards. But you know what? I loved our home back in North Hollywood, no views and all. Not because of the home, but because of all my friends and my children's friends. I loved being able to understand what people said to me! I liked being able to take care of things on my own and not having to depend on my husband for every little thing.

UGH again! I need to get over this. I'm just tired right now. This afternoon, I took the kids out for a walk. We walked up this huge hill by the side of our apartment building. Got to the top of the hill, Maya wanted to keep going, but it was almost 6pm, so we turned around. Plus, by that time, Nadia was getting hot and tired, wanting me to carry her. I can't do that for very long, she is getting heavy! So, we headed back down the hill. Right at that time, Chris calls me. And I was not in the mood to be nice, so I was snapping at him. Told him that I was tired and he says, "yeah lot of that going around." You know, not exactly the smartest thing to say to me at the time. Anyway, got off the phone with him after not really saying much else, got down the hill, went to the little market by our place for some juices and then headed home. Felt much better after we got home and everyone downed their drinks. Now I'm sitting here typing while the girls are watching a DVD in their room.

Downside of living over here is that the days are really long for me. Chris leaves around 9:15am and so far this week has rarely gotten home before 8pm. Maybe tonight he will make it by 7:30pm. With dinner, so at least that's something.

Tomorrow, hopefully we can go out and explore the area. We need to go to the bottom of the hill to check out the huge supermarket there. Chris thinks that they will have cat food and litter. I hope so, otherwise we need to figure out where to get some before the cats get here next week. They are really going to like this place - they are going to enjoy being out on the balconies with all the fresh air.

Right now, the girls are watching "Out of the Box" on Disney channel. The show's theme is about the New Year. They are talking about making a wish for the new year. Sheesh, my year certainly has turned out radically different than what I thought it would be...six months ago, never thought that we'd be moving to Korea.

Anyway, we now have internet access and cable here. Also, yesterday, we got the gas stove hooked up and our new fridge was delivered too. I got most of the kitchen cleaned up. Man, the people who were here before us cooked with grease a lot - it was EVERYWHERE. And I guess it isn't standard for the landlord to have the place cleaned before new tenants move in. LOL I think that MY tenant will find that ironic, since we didn't have time to clean our place before leaving either. The floors here were really dirty when we moved in, so much so that we had to wear shoes inside. The day after we moved in (we moved in on Tuesday, July 12th), we had a cleaning lady come and do the floors and the bathrooms. Cost me $35, but worth it. To have someone come and do a thorough cleaning of the kitchen would have been a full day thing and cost me about $60. I decided to not do that and just clean it myself. Slow going, but it is almost done, just a couple more cabinets to do. Mostly slow because of the kids. Seems like as soon as I leave them alone, one of them decides to start crying or fighting. Anyway, I got most of the kitchen stuff put away and some boxes unpacked. Now, I have to tackle the clothes and suitcases.
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