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March 4th - Shopping in Seoul!

3/4/05 Friday

Today we went shopping with Paul, the head Biz/Dev guy at GoPets, and his wife Kelly. They are expecting their first child in April. Kelly is a native Korean, from Seoul. Paul is from Encino and worked in North Hollywood before moving to Korea a few years ago. It was so nice to talk to someone about familiar places and feelings. He said his plan is to make GoPets really big, sell off portions and make us all rich and able to move back to the US within two years. I liked the sound of that. Gave me some hope that this is all going to be worth it.

Anyway, we spent the day looking for items for our apartment that we were going to be moving into on Sunday. We had to get beds for us and for Maya. Then we needed to get a fridge, a stove top, a washer and some furniture for the living room. The apartment has nothing in it at all. We have to buy a stove top - it just sits on top of a cabinet. And the washers here - they only sell washers. People here hang dry everything. Because the weather is so dry here, things dry relatively quickly. But no dryers - that's going to take a little getting used to. But it should be ok, I just have to do loads more often. We went to an appliance store called Hi-Mart. There we picked up the washer, the stove top, a tv, a microwave with a toaster built in (that's pretty cool) and little things like a hairdryer. It all was to be delivered the next day! That's what I call quick service!

After that, we went to the equivalent of a dollar store. There we picked up some dishes, utensils, pots and pans, cups. And other things like a water/juice bottle, rags and towels. Looking back, we needed a lot more than what we picked up. But it was hard to think of things we need - it is hard moving into a place without anything at all. Starting from scratch, not something you do everyday!

After that (and spending about $140), we went to the furniture district. We picked up a single bed/mattress for Maya, a queen size set for us, a couch and ottomans for the living room. Also, we picked up a microwave cart and a tv stand. That all was to be delivered on Sunday. Again, what fast service!

It was really good to have Paul and Kelly there. Kelly was great at bargaining for us. At Hi-Mart, she got us free delivery and some food containers and laundry detergent thrown in. At the furniture place, again she bargained for us and got free delivery. They were great and so nice to take us around.

After all the shopping, they took us to an Indian restaurant called Chakra. It is a chain here and it was really good. GoPets picked up the tab, Paul said, as a way to say thank you for making the move to Seoul. Well, that was nice, but I just want to see results at the end of this experience. I know that everyone here at GoPets is working very hard for that. That would be the best way to say thanks.
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