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Accepting reality

So on Monday night, Chris and I started to learn Hangul, the Korean language. Actually, Chris already knows the alphabet but he studied with me (he's still learning too). We did an online tutorial:

We studied for a couple of hours and already I am recognizing the letters on signs outside. It really just looks hard, but I guess, like our alphabet, it is just a matter of memorizing what each symbol represents.

I finally decided to do it. Learn the Korean alphabet. I guess that is just another way of me accepting this reality.

Some people are here for a year or two and still don't know any or refuse to learn. I don't understand that. Not only would it make living here easier to speak the language, why wouldn't you want to learn something new? The whole "when in Rome" thing.

Anyway, the other thing I was thinking about was what a difference a year makes. Last year for July 4th (American Independence Day), the girls and I were in Seattle. We were at my sister's house and my brother-in-law bought a bunch of sparklers and rockets and such. We set them off in front of their house. Maya had a terrific time. And we watched the fireworks from their house and, for the first time, she didn't get scared. She LOVED them! The only down side was that Chris wasn't with us (he was back in LA). I was looking forward to this year, thinking that maybe he could take Maya to watch fireworks while I stayed at home with Nadia (she's not good at staying up past 9pm). Oh well, in a couple of years when we go back to the States, we can do that with both the kids.

Hope all in the US who are reading this had a great 4th!
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