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slave2three, LOOK:

W00t!!! *jumps up and down like a kid*

And you'll never guess how I was able to complete my set! I went out with a couple of ladies from work just to walk around the mall and shop. (This by itself was awesome because it was great to have a girls' day out shopping!) We walked by a store that had the vending machine with these eggs, which, of course, I had to stop and show to Connie and Soonhee. Connie wanted to get a couple, so we got some coins and she tried to put her money in. Well, we couldn't turn the handle to dispense the jangles. So, we asked a store clerk if there was something we were doing wrong...turns out that the machine was broken! The clerk then asked us to wait. She went back to the counter, got the key and opened up the machine! We were able to pick out the ones we wanted and just pay at the sales desk!! I had to take a picture of my basket of eggs:

OMG, I can't believe how excited I was to be able to complete this set!! I'm such a dork. LOL

Well, pretty much immediately after completing this set, I found the next one I'm going to worki on (click on it to get a better view):

To-Fu Kids! HAHA! I love them - they are just so freaking cute. I have only one of the eight so far:

Poison To-Fu Kid. He's holding a poop on a stick!

Yes, I have gone nuts for phone jangles. I just can't help myself! Look at these:

Springy animals!

OH! And I found another pen that I just had to buy:

Live Long and Prosper! Made by the same company that made this pen:

Man, I was overloaded with the cute stuff today. It was awesome. *big cheesy grin*
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