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This weekend.

Well, this weekend was pretty uninteresting. It pretty much rained the whole time. On Saturday, we were at home until after Nadia had her nap. The day before, she had gone the whole day without a nap (and was actually not too tired), but we wanted to make sure she had a nap on Saturday. Chris was going to take us to try to find an indoor playground that we had heard about. So after Nadia's nap, we headed out. In retrospect, we should have checked online for this place, but we just looked at the map we had. The rain was off and on all day, so we took our umbrellas. Took the taxi to the subway station.

Funny aside: the taxi was going the wrong way and had passed the road that the subway station was on. Apparently another instand of our pronounciation not being good because he thought we wanted to go somewhere else. Well, it didn't really matter, he dropped us off at another subway station that was closer to our destination anyway.

So we got to the subway, took it to our destination and started to try to figure out where the Carrefour department store building was. We just picked a random direction and started walking.

Another funny aside: along the way, Chris and Maya were ahead of me and Nadia. They stopped to wait for us. Close to them was a woman selling tshirts on the street. She walked up to Maya and started to talk to her (in Korean) but we got the gist (which was that she thought Maya was cute). By the time Nadia and I got there, Maya had this angry look on her face and looked like she was about to burst into tears. Apparently, the woman was talking to her and all of a sudden just reached out and softly slapped Maya on the cheek! I guess it is the equivalent of people squeezing cheeks in the US, but of course, Maya did NOT like that at all. For about 20 minutes afterwards, Maya was going on about how next time she's going to hit her back. LOL Poor girl.

Anyway, we never found the indoor playground. But we ended up walking all the way to the next subway station, the one that is by the hotel that we stayed in when we first arrived in Seoul back in February. Saturday night and that area of town is hopping! Lots of restaurants and shops. Places that we never really found before because it was too cold to explore (and I wasn't in the frame of mind to do so anyway). It was already close to dinner so Chris took us to Pho Tai, a Vietnamese noodle soup restaurant. YUM! It was really really good. It had been a while since we had Pho (we were back in LA). Usually we go get Pho with our close friends, Cathy and Benjamin (with their kids Jackson and Sofia). And usually afterwards, we get Krispy Kreme donuts. Well, we still don't know exactly where KK is here in Seoul, so we couldn't do that. Maya was a little disappointed, so was I!

After that we walked to Coffee Bean (there are tons of those in the Gangnam area). Got some coffee and then grabbed a taxi home. No indoor playground, but after a rough start with the kids, we had a decent afternoon together.

Sunday, we had another late start. We were to go to Erik's house to spend the day with them. We were going to play games while the kids played with each other too. But it was pouring rain all morning. So, Erik offered to come to get us in his van. So, they came to get us, we stopped at Starbucks to grab coffees and some slices of cakes to snack on, and then went back to his place to hang out. Watched some tv (a local soap which I had watched the week before and had subtitles and then an episode of Queer Eye for the Straight Guy), played a couple of games of Ticket to Ride. For dinner, the guys picked up some take out donkas from a restaurant we went to way back in February. The name of the place isn't memorable, but part of the experience was. We had gone there with Erik and family. When we got there, we realized that Nadia's diaper had exploded (just with #1, but still not fun). And I didn't have any clothes with me. So, Chris went to the department store on one of the floors below the restaurant to buy some clothes for her. And then she had a meltdown at the table and Maya had some kind of temper tantrum (she was very tired) and the whole dinner was not pleasant for me. Anyway, I guess I couldn't remember the restaurant or the food over the experience. Both guys were trying to remind me of the food, but when Chris reminded me of the incident, then I remembered. Anyway, the food was really good.

Here's something funny too: Nadia figured out how to use chopsticks. The child is 20 1/2 months old and ate some noodles with chopsticks! I can barely eat noodles with chopsticks. LOL Erik had some learning chopsticks for children. They had little loops where the fingers go so that children can learn how to hold them. Maya didn't want to try, Kyle didn't want to try, but Nadia did. So Erik put her fingers in them and off she went! I'm shocked and in some ways, I'm not. Nadia is very adventurous, so this is not out of the blue for her.

Anyway, after dinner, we played another game of Ticket to Ride. Which was probably not what we should have done. The kids were not cooperating. But it was almost 8pm and bedtime (for my girls anyway). By the time we were done, it was 9:30 and by the time we got home and the girls into bed, it was 10pm. I'm not against the late bedtime (these days) but we did push them beyond their limit. And Erik was wondering why we can't just hang out and play games all day. Well, the kids have to be engaged too. I suggested that maybe next time we hire someone to watch the kids while we play. Someone who will play with them and maybe take them down to the playground that is in Erik's apartment complex.

Anyway, that was our weekend. This week we are going to see some apartments, I think. Tonight, I have to fill out the paperwork for the Franciscan School and fax them in tomorrow.
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