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Other year has gone by...

My baby is three years old now!

We had a low-key birthday for her yesterday. Having a school party on Tuesday though. Anyway, as part of the family-only celebrations, we took the girls to go play mini-golf. We found a cool place near our apartment and spent a few hours there. It was Nadia's first time playing mini-golf and she loved it. The course is on the roof of a mall near afterwards, we did a bit of shopping and bought a cake to bring home. Came home, opened gifts, had dinner and then cake.

Honestly, a great day for the family only.

Pictures from October 14, 2006 was also our 12th wedding anniversary. TWELVE! Overshadowed by Nadia's birthday (which is why I didn't want her born on the same day, but it's ok). We didn't do much to celebrate. Which is ok...instead of it being a "OMG, our anniversary is so dull and I didn't get or give a present, what is wrong with us?!" kind of day, it's more of "wow, we go out a lot these days and still love being together and every day is full of love, so our anniversary doesn't have to be a huge celebration to be important".

So, what did we do after the kids went to bed? Opened a couple of bottles of wine and played WoW until midnight.

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