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It was a beautiful day.

Nadia had her first Taekwondo class today. Her school has them for the next ten weeks on Tuesday afternoons. Luckily, I was able to change my work schedule to allow me to take her to this. And Maya's school has Sports Club on the same day and it works out perfectly because Nadia's class is from 2:30pm to 3:30pm, and Maya's Sports Club is from 3:15pm to 4:15pm. I love it when things just fall into place like this!

Anyway, so after making sure there was still room and also that Nadia was not too young for this, I went to her school at around 2pm. Met up with the PTA president, paid for the classes and then headed into the school to peek in on Nadia. I was watching her through a one-way mirror in the door of the classroom. It was so sweet. She's sitting o across from a little girl named Sasha, and they were all coloring leaves. Sasha would say, "Nadia, look at mine! Do you like it?" and Nadia would look at her picture and say "Yeah! I like it a lot!". And then she'd ask Sasha about her picture and Sasha would answer in the affirmative. But it was amazing to me to see Nadia so social. I'm used to seeing Maya like that, but Nadia has not had the benefit of playgroups like Maya did at that age. This, preschool, is her first real experience at social interactions with kids other than Maya. Kids her own age.

After this, I went out to wait for dismissal. After the kids were released, Nadia was not in the line. She was still in the classroom, and the teacher asked to see me to talk to me. My heart sort of dropped a bit because I was expecting the worst. Nadia is slightly younger than all the kids in that class, and I am deathly afraid that for some reason or another, they will ask me to withdraw her from Rabbit class (3 to 4 year olds) and enroll her in Butterfly (2 1/2 to 3 year olds). Technically, Nadia should be in Butterfly, since she isn't yet three (but will be on Saturday!!!!). I don't know why, but I'm dreading this everytime I talk to Miss Joanne.

Anyway, turns out that it wasn't about that at all. Nadia has taken to crying when asked to do something like coloring or cutting. She is refusing to do certain things, saying that she can't or she doesn't know how to or that, and I love this one, "Coloring makes my head itchy."

0_o WTF?

Now, I know I wash her hair enough, it can't be itchy!

Anyway, I am attributing it to her imitating Maya and her perfectionist ways. Which, actually, are getting much better. She's making mistakes and not freaking out about them anymore. But not before Nadia didn't notice and start imitating her. So, we had a little talk with the teacher and Nadia said she won't cry anymore. And she won't say that she can't do something, because she can!

And she proceeded to show me this at Taekwando. She was amazing in her first class - she really outshined the other kids. No, really! Her teacher even came to me after class to say that she was really, really good. She really paid attention and did everything the teacher asked her to. I was amazed at her attention span and how well she really did everything. It really was as if she was trying to show me that she can do anything!

Nadia's first class - bowing to her teacher.
Learning a stance to do a kick from.
Nadia's first class - bowing to her teacher.

Learning a stance to do a kick from.

She's about to do a kick!
She just finished her kick - my camera was too slow to catch her in action!
She's about to do a kick!

She just finished her kick - my camera was too slow to catch her in action!

WOW!!  Look at that stance!
WOW!! Look at that stance!

Nadia had to stand there in her wide-leg stance, with her arms bent by her side and her fists right by her hips. Then, right arm first, she had to punch forward. Then, pull back her right hand and punch forward with her left. She was AWESOME! And, when she punched with the right, she said "Taek!" and then with the left, she said "Kwon!". She was just amazing.

My face hurt from smiling so much after that class.

After her class was done, I couldn't hug her and kiss her enough. Three other kids, two in her class and one in an older class, all left crying for some reason or another. I'm not saying that to make the other kids or moms feel badly - I know how that goes cause usually that would have been Maya. But, damn, I was just so, so, so proud of Nadia!

And to boot, when we went to pick up Maya, she said she LOVED her Sports Club and wants to do that every Tuesday. YAY! She's really blossoming and growing up at this new school and really learning some responsibility. Possibly from me being away much and really asking her earnestly to be responsible about things like her homework. But in general, it seems like Maya has matured a lot since starting school. I was talking to one of the other mothers at her school while waiting for Maya's Sports Club to finish, and she has to fight with her child to do homework every night. Maya has gotten into the habit of coming home, changing out of her school uniform and doing her homework right away. Course, the fact that I've told her no tv until homework is done must have something to do with that. :-D

Over all, it was a very good day for being Mommy. It was my day off from GoPets, so I was in the mindset to really pay attention to the kids.
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