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International Schools

We went to visit a school for Maya today. It is called Seoul Academy International School.

It was a nice school, small and inviting. The teacher to student ratio was really good, especially for kindergarten (about 1 to 8 students). They were doing a lot of renovations to the school for the new year - painting, new computers, new floors and/or carpeting in some of the classrooms. It is an English-only school, with Korean classes starting in the 1st grade. About 70% of the students are Korean-American, the rest are from various English-speaking countries. All kindergarteners get a big brother or big sister (from the 8th grade). They bus students from all over and would be willing to work with us to accomadate where we live if they don't currently bus there. Maya really liked it - the cubbies are big, the school color is green (Maya was happy about that) and the school mascot was the Unicorn (Maya's eyes got so big when she saw the Unicorns everywhere!). LOL Seems like a great place.

Except for one thing: Tuition for one year is $17,000.

I practically fell over when Chris told me.

I hope that one of the schools we will look at on Friday will be good and much cheaper (since they are heavy on parent-involvement and one is parent-run).

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