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Children's Grand Park

Look, citrinia! A post with pics! Well, a link to the pics, but they are dropped, uploaded and captioned!!

One day down, omgidon'tknowtheexactnumber to go. *headdesk*

All this week, the girls have no school and GoPets is closed. It's the Korean Thanksgiving holidays, Chuseok. So, we decided to go out a few times this week. On Tuesday, October 3rd, we went to Children's Grand Park. The girls and I had been there August 2005, but Chris had never been. It's a pretty cool place and we had a nice time. Here are the highlights:

  • Korean characters exhibit (this month only).

  • Big fountain that got the girls wet.

  • Little stream to go running through.

  • Pony ride!

  • The zoo!

  • Tattoos

  • Booby! (see my pics to understand this)

  • Clay and ILoveEgg! This was SO COOL and so much fun!

Take a look at my pics from the day. I uploaded 30 out of the 103 pics I took that day!
Tags: family, korean experiences, maya, nadia, new experiences, out and about, sightseeing
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