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Miyozen Sushi & Roll

Didn't do much on Sunday (June 26th) at all. It was hot, Chris took lots of naps (the bum) and the kids fought/played. We did have plans to go to Costco with Erik and family (they have a van). They called and said they would be over at bout 5:30pm. The plan was to do dinner and then go to Costco.

When they got here, Erik told us that he wanted to go to a Sushi place that we saw the night before near Kraze Burger. The sushi place was called Miyozen. I was worried about what the kids would eat (it was a sushi-only place), but we figured we could try it and if they were really hungry afterward, we could get them something from the convenience store next to Miyozen (there are always sandwiches and such at the convenience stores). Well, turned out that wasn't necessary. Of course, i should have known that my children would eat anything at least once. And the food was good at Miyozen. Maya liked the shrimp nagiri and had about 4 of them! Sheesh, the child is always stealing my shrimp!! And both the girls ate about two each of the grilled eel (unagi). And of course, they enjoyed the fruit bowls that came around. Nadia ate some egg nagiri and both of them enjoyed the shrimp and vegetable tempura. All in all, they ate a full dinner there. Why do I worry about their eating habits? LOL

The restaurant was pretty cool. There were booths all around the main cooking area. And there was a conveyor belt that went around the whole cooking area. On this belt, the chefs would place the foods as they were made and you could just grab the dish you wanted as it came around to you. If you wanted something specific, you could ask one of the chefs to prepare it for you and they would hand it to you directly instead of putting it on the belts. The prices of the dishes depended on the color of the plate it was on. So at the end of your meal, the waiter/waitress would just total up your meal based on the colors of the empty dishes left on your table. Pretty cool system! Here are a couple of pics I took that night and general pictures of nigiri and gunkan:

I think dinner for all of us (5 adults and 3 kids) was about $130 or $140. Not bad for a decent amount of sushi. None of us went away hungry. Maybe next time I'll grab a plate of the Gunkan with caviar on top! LOL I have definitely developed a taste for sushi since coming to Seoul. It is YUMMY!
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