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First day back

Yesterday was just weird. Our flight got in at about 5am. And by the time we got home, it was around 7am. And the girls were awake almost the whole day. Nadia took a short nap with me in the mid-afternoon, but Maya stayed up the whole day. So, last night we managed to get the girls in bed at about 8pm and they slept the whole night with no problems. End result is that they were pretty much back to Seoul time within 24 hours! They have really become such seasoned travellers in such a short amount of time!

Because of all this, they were both ready to go to school today. I took Maya to school, just to get her settled in and talk to the teacher and stop by the elementary school office. She had no problems getting back into it. And what I found amazing is that a lot of the kids in her class saw her come in and shouted "MAYA!" and came running to hug her and welcome her back with big grins and open arms.

Maya had been there for two days almost a month ago and already she has garnered this much friendship? She never ceases to amaze me. I'm so proud.

Anyway, so I drop her off, stop by the office and get some things done there. And off to go back home where Nadia is getting ready for her first day at school...ever!

I walk in and she jumps up and shouts "MOMMY! Can I go to my Rabbit school now??" LOL Her preschool class is called Rabbit class, so that's what she calls it. Anyway, Chris and I get a few things ready for her and then we're off to take our baby to school! After taking a while to find a taxi, we get to school a few minutes late. But other than that, we had no problems. Nadia went right in, said hi to Miss Joanne and Miss Patti and sat down and started beading. LOL Chris and I said that we're going to go now and she said, "Bye!" and didn't look back at us once. *sigh* She's such a big girl! I'm, again, so proud. She even rode the bus home...she's not even three years old!

Getting her lunch bag ready to go... Getting her lunch bag ready to go...

I'm ready to go to school, Mommy! I'm ready to go to school, Mommy!

Off to class! Off to class!

Franciscan School is now MY school! Franciscan School is now MY school!

First of business, beads! First order of business, beads!

Here's my entry about Maya's actual first day of school.

Both my girls had great days at school today. Nadia had energy to spare...I swear she was bouncing off the walls when she came home and talking even more than usual. I didn't think that would be possible! She was so excited. If I didn't know any better, I would have sworn she was on something.

Me, I had a quiet but busy day. On the way home from dropping Nadia off, I stopped by the grocery store, then went to the apartment complex office to get someone to come and fix our hot water heater. Was home by about 10am then was doing some work and trying to unpack. Didn't get much of that done though. Oh well, tomorrow I hope to really put a dent in that. After the girls came home, I spent most of the time helping Maya with her four pages of homework! Jeez!

All in all, a good first day back in Seoul.

But I still miss everyone.
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