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A great first day at AGC

Our first day yesterday running a booth at the Austin Games Conference was amazing. We had heavy traffic all day long, lots of people coming up to us and asking us about GoPets. I did a few interviews as did Chris. I was away at a panel when Chris was interviewed by a Bangladeshi tv station! He was nervous and looking for me apparently, but I'm sure he did fine. I, too, did a few interviews, but nothing on tv. My first one was awful, I probably had about 10 seconds of good "uhhhhh....hmmmmm....yeah....." but after that first one was done, I relaxed and did fine. So good in fact, one of the guys who is running the booth next to us and helping us with PR and kind of taking me under his wing this last two weeks told Erik that I do really good interviews! Erik told me later and said he was impressed and thanked me for coming to work for him and helping out and that he knew I'd be great at this.


It was awesome to hear that after my first big PR event for GoPets and after only 4 weeks on the job part time and after a 6 year hiatus from working at all.

I am extremely happy with how things have gone here so far. I've gotten a lot of good feedback and while talking to people at the evening events and parties, bunches of them congratulate me on a great event. I guess since I am PR Manager, it would make sense that I would get some credit for it.

So, basically, I'm very happy working again and having a great time in Austin and, get this, actually looking forward to getting back to Seoul and getting into a schedule with the girls and working.

A few links:

Press Release I co-wrote.

A few pictures from the conference.

Ok, gotta go to the exhibit hall. This was my morning off since yesterday I was up at 7am even though I had stayed up partying until 3:30am that morning. I guess I kick ass under pressure and with no sleep! Tonight is the Austin meet up...and I snagged goodies for people who show up. :-)
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