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Both kids are fed (thank goodness for the universal macaroni and cheese) and are sitting in front of the computer watching Dora the Explorer episodes that Chris downloaded last night. Found out yesterday that the internet was down because the cable got disconnected (apparently we were enjoying free cable tv courtesy of the last tenants). Well, AFN (Armed Forces Network) is a cable channel, so we don't get that anymore. No more cartoons in the morning or my General Hospital in the afternoon. So even though the internet is back up, the cable is still down (no point in getting that back for the couple of weeks we'll be in this apartment), so had to get some kids shows on the computer. Thank goodness for bit torrent sites! Almost any show can be downloaded to our computer. That's how we stayed up to date with all our prime time shows back in March and April. I might have to do a search for General Hospital though...

Nadia bit Maya today during a fight. *sigh* That was the first time she has ever done that. Nadia definitely holds her own with Maya, and other kids for that matter. But biting...sheesh. Never thought I would have a biter. Well, we'll see, that was only the first time she did that and she got her first time out for it. I don't think she understood what that meant, but I guess if I keep it consistant, she'll get the message. I hope so - I don't want to hear from her preschool or daycare that she bit someone. LOL Although, I am happy that she stands up for herself - Maya didn't do that and I always wanted her to. So, YAY for Nadia, but no biting! :-)

Also, today, Nadia showed me that she is definitely ready for potty training. She is only 20 months old, but she is definitely aware of her bodily functions. Maya and Nadia were in the bath this morning, when after only a few minutes, Nadia kept saying "Mommy, out!" I, not realizing why, said no (I can actually get a few things done while they are in the bath, so I wanted more time!). Nadia kept saying "Mommy, out!" for a few more minutes, and I kept saying no. About a minute later, Maya yells, "Mommy! Nadia pooped in the bath!" ARGH! LOL I walk into the bathroom to find both girls standing up and Nadia saying "Yucky poo-poo!" No kidding! I get both girls out, dried and dressed. So much for my bathtime! I was proud of Nadia, but wished she had said, "Mommy, poo-poo!" I tried to tell her to say that. Maybe next time, she'll do it in the potty!

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From: (Anonymous) Date: June 25th, 2005 06:22 pm (UTC) (Link)

Bit torrent?

Where are these sites that let you download shows to your computer? Do tell!!!!!


P.S. Yay for Nadia! Sounds like she's ready for that next step! I bet next time she says "out!" you'll stop and ask why before you say no. ROFL ;)
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