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First day of School!

ACK! Time just flies and I'm running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

Today was Maya's first day of school. We've had some developments since I last talked about where she was going to go to school. I don't remember how much I talked about here, but after we came back from India, we found out that another international school moved into the new campus that is 5 minutes from our house. The British school was supposed to move there, but it turned out that there was a disagreement between them and the Korean governing board. So, they didn't move to the new campus and stayed on the campus that is about 45 minutes from our place. Ugh. So, on a whim, we checked out the new school...I say it is on a whim, because the school that moved to the new campus is International Christian School (ICS). And you can't opt out of the religious aspects of it like we did at Maya's last school. However, I read in a local article that ICS would be starting a non-religious section of the school because of protests from various countries' ambassadors here in Seoul. I mean, that's totally understandable...the new campus is supposed to house one of the largest International schools in all of Asia and, as one person said, International doesn't automatically mean American and/or Christian.

Anyway, so because of that bit of info, we checked it out. The campus itself is awesome. That, coupled with the facts that it is 5 minutes by car from our house and that they will be starting the non-religious sections next year, we decided to withdraw Maya from the British school and put her into ICS. I would have much rather have stayed at BISS, but these factors just made us have to choose Yongsan International School of Seoul (what they renamed ICS to after the move).

Maya was officially accepted at YISS on Monday and today, Thursday, they started school. We found out that there are 5 kids from Maya's school from last year...but they were all in the other 1st grade class! And I even specifically requested that she be placed with some of her friends. *sigh* Even so, Maya was excited about seeing them again (the two classes will take recess together every day) and also meeting new friends. She was in a good mood when she went to bed last night and when she woke up this morning.

I woke everyone up extra early today...I guess I was anxious too. :-D Here are a few pics:
Heading off to school! Heading off to school!

Making funny faces in the car! Making funny faces in the car!

Maya rethinking going to school. Maya rethinking going to school.

All the students in elementary school grades gathered in one room to be taken to their right class. All the kids overwhelmed Maya.

That last pictures was just before the flood started. Maya started to freak out a bit. As I said in the picture caption, they had all the kids in one room at the beginning. Maya was overwhelmed by all the kids. She started to cry. And I started to tear up too. I walked with her to the class when her class left the big room. And I sat in the class with her for a few minutes. Because of the new school building, the 1st grader classes had no desks yet, so they all sat on the floor in a big circle. Miss Sim (her teacher) did some name games to help everyone learn others' names. One thing was they were to pass their nametags to the person on their left...and Maya got Miss Sim's name. She was smiling when Miss Sim said that she was much prettier than the real Miss Sim. :-) Right about then, I started towards the door...I caught Maya's eye and she blew me a kiss and waved at me.

That just made my day! I walked out of the class, found Chris and Nadia and went back home. Nadia started crying because she wanted to go to her school, but her school doesn't start until next week.

This afternoon, when I picked Maya up at the bus stop, she said to me that she had a great day at school. She likes Miss Sim a lot and she wishes that she wouldn't be missing school. She wishes there was a way for her to go to the US and also go to school.

All in all, a great first day of school!
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