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The cleaning lady is here. YAY! We will once again have clean floors that we can walk on with our bare feet. She has closed up all our suitcases and stood them up on end so she can get to most of the floors. And then she is going to clean the kitchen and the bathroom. All for $35. Not bad, considering that our floors are filthy and the bathroom is gross and I don't want to do it.

Chong Sook, one of the women from Chris' office was complaining today about how it is today. I was happy to hear a native complaining about it! LOL Of course, climbing up 5 flights of stairs will make anyone sweat. Even Maya, who is in great shape and has energy to spare, complained about the stairs this afternoon after going to the grocery store with Chris. She didn't even carry any of the bags.

Ok, the maid just helped herself to some of the coke in our fridge! She got some water first, took a sip and then threw it out (I think she took the bottle I had just filled with water from the kettle so it might have been still warm). That would have been a no-no in the US. Of course, would have been someone from a maid service and they have strict rules about how to behave in a client's house. Anyway, I can't blame her, it is hotter than hell right now and poor woman is on her hands and knees scrubbing our floors.

Now I know how everyone here stays in shape - they sweat off the excess pounds in the summer! Seriously, I can see that as a great way to diet. If you eat the same way throughout the year, you could put on a few pounds in the winter and then sweat it off in the first few weeks of summer. LOL Chong Sook said that it stays this way until end of September. Ick. I suppose that once we're in our regular place, with a fully installed AC, we'll be ok. At least, I'll feel better.

Ok, I was slightly kidding when I said that the maid was on hands and knees scrubbing our floors. But I see now that she is actually on her hands and knees right in front of me scrubbing the floors. She went through this room already with the mop and I thought she would just make a second go of that. Guess our floors warrant the thorough cleaning! Blame it on Nadia and some wipe-off (translation: waxy) crayons that she got a hold of yesterday...I wonder what the maid thinks. ;-)

The internet guy is here again with some cable. Guess he's going to try something...I hope it works so I can upload these entries...

Wow, the floors are a different color now. LMAO!

Maya is laying on the couch looking very tired and lethargic. She's watching Wizard of Oz on the portable DVD player. That thing has saved my life more than a few times now.

Chris is on his way back over here with John Song (a guy in his department) to take the AC unit back and get more more fans. I think I already wrote about how I thought the AC didn't really work unless you're sitting right in front of it. Anyway, he's going to take it back and get me 2 or 3 more fans. One for the kitchen area, one for the girls' room and one for our room. And if he gets me a third one like I want, that will be for the living area and I won't have to move any around.

This is going to sound weird, but, the maid doesn't look like a maid. I mean, she looks like a mother, someone like me. She's definitely older, although I'm not sure by how much because women age remarkably well here. So, for all I know she could be 50 years old and just look like she's 35 or 40. She's muttering something, wish I could understand what. I'm sure she's saying something about how dirty the place is. I'm self-conscious about my housekeeping skills, little that they are.

YAY! The internet is working now. I should go and upload these...
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