Priya Bradfield (priyabradfield) wrote,
Priya Bradfield

Trying to get settled in...

Not sure if I'll survive this humidity. It is too hot to do anything and yet there is much to do. We still have to get Maya situated into a school for the fall term. Actually, I'm not even sure when the term starts or if it is in break right now or what. Then we have to get our new apartment - I can't wait. I want to get settled and have air conditioning! Last night, we got a fan and a room AC, which I think didn't work that well. It is great if you sit right in front of it, but other than that, didn't seem to help the room at all. Probably cause it shoots hot air out the back, so what is the difference in that? Not much for $200. I say we return it and just get two more fans. It isn't all that bad if there is circulation, especially at night. It gets cool enough that with the fan it actually feels fine. It is supposed to get up to 91F today. Again, that doesn't bother me, it gets that hot in LA.

My mood is pretty shitty right now because it is so hot and humid. I would really love to go swimming. Mmmmm, that would feel good right about now.

Still waiting for the internet connection and the cleaning lady to come. Both are supposed to come today. The internet guy came earlier today, but after a few minutes of very confused looks, he left and hasn't returned (it has been about 2 hours since he left). Chris is supposed to arrive with the cleaning lady in a few minutes. Hopefully that will go better.

I got my cell phone yesterday after spending 2 hours in the phone store. I picked one, a used model that was actually quite cute. They don't give rebates or subsidies with the phones here because they don't require a long term commitment to a service plan. So, the used model I chose was still $130! Then it turned out that I couldn't change the language on that model to English! We found all that out just as we were about to walk out with the phone! ARGH! So, I had to pick out another phone and pay the difference. Still got a used phone (actually it was the store model) and I had to pay the difference, which added another $50! Sheesh. Well, that's our phone, since we aren't getting a phone into the apartment. At least not now and probably not into our permanent place either. We'll see.

Last night, we went to dinner at the Japanese restaurant where Maya first had grilled eel. She promptly fell asleep at the table! Ok, it takes A LOT for Maya to fall asleep anywhere other than her bed and at anytime other than bedtime. Poor child, she was wiped out from the heat and the jetlag. She woke up yesterday quite early and didn't take a nap all day (resists naps like the plague). Except for about an hour in the middle of the night after having a coughing fit, she slept for about 13 hours straight. Chris asked her in the morning if she felt better and she said "much, much better". I'm so glad because I wasn't ready to try to figure out how to go about finding an English-speaking pediatrician just yet!
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