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Koreans, Koreans everywhere!

Ok, what I'm about to write is just terrible. I can't believe I even felt like this, I am so ashamed. I'd be offended if I read this by someone else, but what to do? This is what I felt and so, I blog it.

When we first arrived in Seoul, I was totally overwhelmed with the sheer numbers of people. And there were a lot of people who greeted us when we got to Chris' office. And maybe it was because I was so tired and overwhelmed, but my first instinct was "how am I going to tell them all apart?"

Isn't that just awful? Of course they don't all look alike. Now that I've been here a few days, somewhat adjusted to the time difference, I see that they are all unique people, just like any other race. But I guess at first, I was just overwhelmed by everything and just saw everyone as the same people. God, I never thought I would have felt that. I'd be so offended if anyone said that all Indian people look alike and how do you tell them apart. My first thought would be "what a racist!". But here I was thinking and feeling the same thing of all Korean people.

I am going to attribute it to my lack of sleep on the plane and the stress I was under and just being plain tired and out of it. What else can explain my apparent lack of cultural sensitivity??

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