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Hotter than....

Damn, it is hot here! The high is about 88 F, about what it probably is in Los Angeles, but it is humid here, that it feels much, much hotter to us. I haven't lived in a humid climate since 1988, and I was a teenager then. That was when we lived in Orlando, Florida. And in the summers, I was usually inside an air conditioned place or in a pool! Our apartment (still the 5th floor walkup) was pretty dirty when we got here because a couple of windows had been left open and grime just sort of built up on the floors. We didn't realize it until we noticed the girls' feet were filthy black on the bottom! So, now we're wearing our shoes inside the apartment until we can hire someone to come and clean the house up and down (Chris' idea to hire someone and I'm more than willing to go with that idea!). Plus, Chris said that we can just keep the cleaning lady coming on a regular basis. Again, fine with me!!

The other thing that needed to be dealt with now that we're back is that our internet connection at the apartment has been shut off. Apparently, the cable we had was left on from the last tenants and the company just realized that and turned it off. Well, the internet connection is a cable connection and got shut off as well, even though we've been paying for that. Won't have it back on until Friday, the 24th. BLAH! Oh well. I'm writing these entries on my computer until I can upload them. Oh, and by the way, I'm writing them on my very own PowerBook G4!! Chris got a new laptop through work and I got his "old" one. I don't mind the hand-me-downs. :-)
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