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Spring rains

This morning, it rained hard and we had thunder and lightning. Usually, I don't like rain at all, however, I realized later that my dislike before was because of the time of year it rains in LA, which is winter.

I hate cold rain.

But, when the rain let up, I took Nadia to her art class. We walked, splashing in the puddles. And I wasn't cold. It was in the upper 60s to lower 70s and very comfortable. On the way back, the sun had started to peek out and it warmed up with a bit of a breeze.

Spring/Summer rains - I have no experienced this in a very, very long time! As I smelled the air, I realized that it was fresh and clean. The hard rains from the morning had cleaned the air and the ground and it smelled nice.

Wow, it totally hit me that brief summer thunderstorms are awesome and I don't think I have experience one since I was living in Florida back in 1988! In India, the monsoons I have been in aren't as nice because it just rains and rains and rains. This was a quick one in the morning to just clean everything away.

Saturday's forecast is saying "76°F, Cloudy with a t-storm or two". It would make it a nice day to stay in...

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