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From Myeongdong to Insadong

We walked a lot today! We left at around 10:30am to head out to Myeongdong. I had planned to take them there, shop a bit, dimsum for lunch and then to the Cheong Gye Cheon to walk along the stream for a bit before heading back home. Kind of did that, but not quite.

First, we hailed a taxi to go to Myeongdong...the taxi driver gave us a hard time. He didn't want to take us all ...gave me the impression that he wanted to charge double for a full car. WTF? So, I shut the door and proceeded to find another taxi. He took off, and about a minute later, came back and motioned for us to get in. So, we did. I was sitting in the front with Nadia on my lap (three adults and three kids in the backseat, so I had to) and he motioned that he wanted me to put her in between my legs so she was lower and not sitting ON my lap. And then he took us to Myeongdong, but in a different way and a little bit roundabout...when I pointed one way, he said something and pointed the other way. That's when I realized that he was afraid of getting pulled over with so many of us in the car! The two fingers he held up when telling us no the first time was meant that we need two taxis, not that he would charge us double! I let him take us to Myeongdong what ever way he wanted, which cost us a little extra, but I didn't mind after that.

Anyway, we got there and walked around for a bit before stopping to get a snack at a Paris Baguette cafe. The kids were a bit hungry and thirsty too. And I was starving even though I had breakfast...granted I had breakfast at 7:30am and it was about 11am when we stopped!

Had an interesting conversation with Maya at Paris Baguette. At one point, she leaned over to me and asked me "Do you think that Anjali is cuter than me?" AWWW! She was a bit jealous of all the attention Anjali was getting while walking around, I guess. Even Nadia got less attention because of the cute, smaller baby around. Nadia didn't care at all, but it meant that Maya was getting noticed even less than before. I tried to explain to her about how everyone loves babies, and that I think that Anjali is cute but that she is beautiful. That she was adorable when she was that age too and that Anjali is so cute because she's related to Maya. :-) My mom was listening too and smiled at my answers. Hope I did ok and helped to bolter Maya's self-confidence a bit more.

After our snack, I figured we had some time to walk around before everyone was hungry for lunch, so we headed up to the Cheong Gye Cheon. This was the same stream that we were at when Nadia got the belly dancing hip scarf. So, we walked along the stream until I realized that we were so close to Insadong...closer to it than we were to Myeongdong anymore. And I knew of a good traditional Korean food restaurant in Insadong. So, we went there instead of heading back to go to dimsum. I ended up going a bit out of the way and it was hot and the kids were thirsty and a bit cranky. It was finally 2pm by the time I figured out my directions and got us to the restarant. Got everyone seated and ordered when Chris called me and asked how we were doing. To which I replied a curt "hot and hungry". He then said, "Really? I thought it wasn't as hot today as it was yesterday and just came back from having a nice lunch out."

Um, not the best thing to say to me at that time. *rolls eyes*

Anyway, food came, it was great except for what I ordered for my mom. The only TOTALLY vegetarian thing on the menu (even the plain noodles were in a fish sauce) but it was also the spiciest. And by spicy, I mean burn-a-hole-in-your-stomach-lining spicy. My poor mom. She ate what she could, scraped off the hot sauce as best as she could. However, the meal ended on a very, very good note:

Nadia told me she had to go to the potty! She had a diaper on (not brave enough to venture out more than an hour without a diaper on), but she said before we left the restaurant "Mommy, I think I need to try to do su-su in the potty!" And she held it until I took her to the restaurant's bathroom and peed in the potty. w00t!! So, SO, proud of her! Also, later in the day, we got home and she had fallen asleep...woke up just to go potty. The whole day out and she didn't pee in her diaper at all. Although, later in the evening, right before bed, she had an accident, but I'm chalking that up to her being SO tired.

Anyway, after lunch, we all felt so much better and walked through Insadong, looking at all the shops, picking up things for people in India and for them to take back to the US with them. I bought Nadia a yellow hand fan for not peeing in her diaper and also got some for all the kids. Came home around 5pm. Avinesh (my BIL) cooked. They brought us some taco seasonings, so he cooked up some chicken and made us chicken burritos. YUM.

I think, all in all, we must have walked about 2 miles today. We were all very tired when we got home. But, it was another good day.

Mom, Maya and Akash at CheongGyeCheon Mom, Maya and Akash at Cheong Gye Cheon
Avi and Nadia Avi and Nadia crossing the stream
Maya and Anjali Maya and Anjali
Nadia, Maya and Akash having a Nadia, Maya and Akash having a "ball" outside of Coffee Bean in Insadong.
Anjali and Preeti Anjali and Preeti

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