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Blast from the past...

It is 9:45pm, Friday night, and Chris is still at the office, as is most of the GP staff. Working hard trying to get GP up and running again. Last week, when we went to that little party at the office, I told one of the women who works for Chris, Soonhee, that I'd show her some old pictures of us. She didn't believe me when I told her that Chris had long hair. She and another woman, Jinyoung, are there now, waiting for the server team to do their magic, and when I called Chris to talk to him, Soonhee yelled to remind me that she wants to see pictures. LOL

So, I scanned a couple and sent them to Soonhee and Jinyoung. They were shocked to see Chris. LOL I'm not going to show Chris' college graduation here as I think I should ask his permission first (even though I think he is HOT in that picture, but I do have to live with the guy), but I will share the other one I scanned and sent to Soonhee and Jinyoung.

This was taken before our wedding reception on October 15, 1994.

Chris made me stop since I was "disrupting" his staff. :-p But he also said that I made them a little happy...they all had plans to go to a movie together, but that got cancelled since they had to work. :-(

Well, I'm going to go and play WoW by myself for a while. Oh, and maybe get some dinner as well. I'm hungry and I totally forgot to eat after Maya and Nadia went to bed! I hope Chris comes home soon...we have plans in the morning to go to Maya's school picnic at 10am.
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