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I took 51 pictures of Nadia at art class today!

Chris didn't get home from GoPets until 5am this morning...the whole server outage went over the estimates of 4 to 6 hours by a lot!

I had gone to bed at 2am because I woke Maya up tring to get her tooth and leave her the money. doh! So, I had to wait for her to fall asleep so I could try it again. Do you know how hard it is to find a tooth under a pillow in a LOFT bed? I didn't ruin it...I told her that the tooth fairy left me a note saying that she couldn't find the tooth and that she'll be back later tonight and to leave it right on the corner of the bed. It worked. She bought it, the sweetheart!

So, I had been asleep for maybe 2.5 hours when the buzzer from the front door of the apartment building goes off at 5am. It was Chris, he had left everything at the office, including his keys! Lucky for him, I was already awake cause the cats woke me up and then I had gone to the bathroom.

I think maybe an hour later I heard Chris on the phone with someone from the office. And he didn't go back to sleep until about 8am. He slept until 11am, when I had to start getting ready to take Nadia to art class. Poor guy was running on less than three hours of sleep and he had to run back to another full day at work.

But art class was so much fun for Nadia today! It was the "roll paint-covered beads around in a box" project. First of all, she adores things like beads and marbles. Hordes them, wants to collect them. So, that was a plus right there. And then paint? OMG, paint is like, from the Gods! Nadia LOVES to paint. Err...more accurately, she loves to FINGERpaint. Doesn't matter if there are brushes around, she'll just use them a bit and then toss them aside and dig right in.

She is SO different from Maya in that way. Maya never liked to really fingerpaint. She even now doesn't like to get her hands dirty. She gets a bit of paint or anything on her, she'll stop whatever she's doing and wipe it off or wash it off. Not Nadia though. She is thoroughly tactile. She'll paint all over herself too.

The kids got beads and bowls and some cardboard boxes. The paints came out later, but Nadia was asking shouting throughout the whole class, "where is the paint?!" The teacher was asking the kids to roll the beads around the box to hear the "rain". Nadia says, "It's not yaining! Teacher, I want yellow paint!" The teacher got everyone some paper to put at the bottom of their cardboard boxes and got the box of paints out. Nadia got up from her chair, reached over and grabbed the closest one, the blue paint. I think she was at that point where she said to herself "Screw the yellow paint, I just want paint!"

And she wasn't waiting for anyone, not even the teacher! Part of me wanted to tell her to wait until the teacher told her it was ok, but then I just shut my mouth and let her enjoy herself. I might have said something if the teacher was instructing in English the whole time, but since it was majority in Korean and Nadia seemed to be tuning it out anyway, I just let it be. And Nadia had a ball.

She mixed blue with pink. And then started to drop the beads into the paint.

The teacher gave all the kids chopsticks to use to pick up the beads. Yeah, chopsticks! And all the other kids knew how to use them. LOL Nadia took them, swished them a bit, then tossed them aside to use her fingers instead.

Pretty soon, she started rolling around the beads in the box. That lasted a few minutes. Then she bypassed the beads and again, went straight for the fingerpainting directly in the box.

Pretty soon, even the box got tossed aside for just a simple finger soak in the paints. LOL

She had SO much fun today. She didn't want to clean up to leave. I had to convince her that it would be fun to make orange and purple water in the sink! She had paint all over her face, in her hair, all the way up her arms and running down her chest! But, she was happy and playful and alive! I loved watching her today. I was in awe of her and her sense of adventure. It was funny - she was the only girl in the class today and the only one totally immersed in the experience. I saw some of the other boys watching her...and contemplating dipping their fingers in the paint, but then they'd wrinkle up their noses and go back to just watching her! I was shocked. I know every child is different. Maya is so different from Nadia. But I was still surprised by the other kids' reactions.

I'm just so happy to see Nadia enjoy herself thoroughly. And glad that it wasn't in my house where I'd have to clean it!!

I uploaded about 15 pictures from today in my ScrapBook: Nadia's Art Class - 2006-05-18
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