Priya Bradfield (priyabradfield) wrote,
Priya Bradfield

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He's on his way!!

YAY! Chris is on his way home now. As I am writing this, I imagine that he is at the City Air Terminal at COEX and getting checked in. It is about noon on Saturday, May 28th, there. His flight is at 3pm on Saturday and he will arrive here at LAX at 10am on Saturday. LOL

The girls are so excited to see Daddy tomorrow. Even little Nadia (who is now 19 1/2 months old) keeps saying "Dada, bye-bye" and when I ask her if she wants to see him tomorrow, she gives me the biggest smile and nods her head vigorously. Chris is going to be so shocked at how much she has grown. And Maya today said, "We haven't seen Daddy in 100 days!". I actually counted and it has been 40, but I totally agree with her sentiment!
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