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12 boxes!

I'm up to 12 boxes packed now! Looking around my house, it seems like I haven't even made a dent in the packing, but I feel pretty darn good about it. Being on my own with two kids, two kids who were sick all last week, having packed 12 boxes is a big achievement. Problem is that all these boxes are going to Korea with us! Seems like everything is a "need" and not just a "want", well, except for my scrapbooking supplies which is a "want" but still going with us. There is not a good supply of scrapbooking supplies in Korea, so it is all going with me. At least this way, I'll be forced to use it all and not keep adding to my stash. LOL

Chris is coming back on Saturday, YAY! Then we're planning on jumping right in with the packing. My inlaws are watching the kids on Sunday and Monday so that Chris and I can really get some stuff done. I am actually looking forward to making progress in this adventure of ours. I am trying really hard to change my outlook on it. What a story it will make for my grandchildren one day, huh? Heck, even for my children. I loved hearing about my mom's experiences coming here to the US, one day hopefully my girls will ask me about how I felt about moving to South Korea. Who knows what the future will bring...all I know is that I want Chris and I to face it together.
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