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Some good news!

We don't have to move!

We're starting to get a housing allowance from the company (which is awesome news to begin with) but that meant the lease we have for our apartment needs to be switched to be under the company's name. Apparently, the landlord didn't want to at first because they are not reporting the income from us to the gov't - it is an easy thing since we are foreigners. Good for him, bad for us. So it had looked like we were going to have to find a new place by June 12th. Which really sucked because my family is planning a visit from June 1 - 10. YAY for that! But knowing the way my family is, they would have just tried to help me the whole time rather than going out and seeing the sights. And I didn't want that. The last time I saw them, they came down to LA to help me pack before moving here. It would have made me feel so bad if they came all the way to Seoul only to do the same thing again!

Anyway, so the landlord called the company and we found out today that he changed his mind about it and wants us to stay. Hooray! I am so happy to not have to move and especially to not have to move at the same time my family is coming for a visit.

Today is a good day. :-)
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