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4 boxes
In exactly a month, we'll be moving to Seoul. Might seem like a long time, seeing as how it has only been a month since we left there and it feels like forever, but it is going to fly, I know it. And all I've done in the almost two weeks I've been back in North Hollywood is pack 4 boxes. Although I did have a good excuse this past week: the girls have both been sick. Tuesday I got the boxes and that's when Maya came down with hand, foot and mouth disease. And now Nadia has it too. I got one box packed between Tuesday and Thursday and yesterday (Friday) I got three done since my MIL took the kids for the afternoon. I also went through a whole bunch of junk and trashed it and shredded a bunch of papers and old bills. My attitude really picked up after that. Amazing how much a little time away from the kids really recharges me. Sounds awful, but it is so true.

And tonight, I get to have some fun! Going out with some girlfriends to a bar/restaurant called Saddleback Ranch at Universal City. We went there in February before I left for Seoul the first time. I rode a mechanical bull there! It was pretty fun.


Anyway, we're heading back over there tonight. My inlaws are watching the kids all night. YAY! I think that some of the girls will be crashing here afterwards. I can't wait.

Talked to Chris this morning. He told me that he found a good Pho restaurant near the apartment in Seoul. I miss him so much, even though I get angry at him for all this. Still have issues with anger and loss of control, but I still manage to feel a sense of joy when I hear his voice. Guess that's love, huh?

What I'm feeling: mellow mellow

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kaffy From: kaffy Date: May 22nd, 2005 12:08 am (UTC) (Link)
Looks like alot of fun riding the bull. hehe

I was browsing through your other pictures there, and I'm just amazed that the koreans are just in awe of your daughters. Are they like that with all Americans? I mean, what is the deal?

It looks so neat over there, I'd love to visit someday.

priyabradfield From: priyabradfield Date: May 22nd, 2005 01:46 am (UTC) (Link)
Not sure if it is all Americans, but they definitely horded my younger daughter more than my older one (good thing she doesn't like attention anyway or she would have been majorly jealous). I think it was mainly Nadia's eyes that captured their attention. Maya's hair too - they'd call it "golden" even though it is light brown. I think because it is different they were all over her hair - EVERYONE in Korea has black hair!
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